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Singer/songwriter builds his own national audience, one home at a time.

"HOUSE CONCERTS, (the Home Invasion Tour)" is a feature length documentary film. It follows John M and his girlfriend, Penni, as they travel from one end of America to the other in a coast-to-coast tour of HOUSE CONCERTS in people's homes.

Nearly five years in the making, this film takes an in-depth look at HOUSE CONCERTS, as an alternative to the bars and nightclubs, for live music performance.

Not just a "music film," not just a "travel film" and definitely not just a film about John M. "HOUSE CONCERTS, (The Home Invasion Tour)" is all of the above. It features breathtaking scenery from around the country, a refreshingly honest view of life on the road and a less-than-glamorous look at what it takes to survive as a musician. John and Penni are not rock stars. They are two down-to-earth people following their dreams and ambitions. The terrain they travel is as diverse as the people they meet and the sights they see. Along the way there are also mesmerizing performances by Shake Russell & Dana Cooper, Kat Eggleston and Ann Zimmerman, as well as John M.

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